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Biltong Making Kit 2kg


Easy to follow 12 steps to perfect tasting Biltong.
2kg vacuum pack of pre-cut Prime Silverside Beef with spices and hooks. Step by step picture guide to make biltong just like the Pro's
A 40% Yield =(Medium Biltong)= 800grams of mouth watering Biltong



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Product Description

Impress your friends and family and make Biltong just like we do at Hunters. You are buying a 2kg pack of pre-cut Prime Silverside Beef with spices, hooks and a step by step picture guide to make great tasting  just like the pro’s. You will need a small CLEAN space to hang your Biltong, any where will do all you need is a small fan. No need for light boxes etc natural great tasting biltong takes time to dry. Max 7-9 days depending how you like it. This is a great project for adults and children alike. Please ensure you keep this product refridgerated on arrival and use within 1 week of receipt.

The Step by Step Guide, how to make Hunters Biltong (see images too) Step 1: Make sure you have a clean area and containers to process your Biltong. Step 2: You will need a shallow container to spice and marinade your Biltong. Step 3: Open your Meat packet, sprinkle half the Spice into your container as seen in Picture 4 Place your meat into the container as seen in Picture 5 now sprinkle the remaining spices onto your Meat as seem in Picture 6 Step 4: Massage spices into meat until dissolved, this will happen quicker if your meat is at room temperature. Now add your shake your Sorbate, cut and pour over Biltong (All of it!) Now massage again until meat turn a creamy/ brown colour. Smelling Great!! Step 5: As seen in Picture 10 lay the meat flat in your container and leave at room temperature for 12hrs turning every 4 or so hours. Step 6: With the hooks provided hang you Biltong on a rack making sure the pieces DO NOT TOUCH. Biltong is best hung at room temperature ( 22 degrees) you will need is a small fan which will help the Biltong form a skin and dry quicker. Depending how you prefer your Biltong, 4-5 days wet, 6-8days medium and 10-12 days dry. Make sure when testing your biltong not to touch it with your bare hands as you will get mold! Make sure your hanging area is free from dust and dirt and out of reach! (Pets) Kids! We hope you enjoy making and Eating Hunters Biltong as much as we do!

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