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Available in 500g packs.
Cederberg (Hog Casing), Cederberg (Beef no Pork), Chakalaka, Garlic,
Homestyle / Farmstyle and Safari.





Hunters Boerewors: Only the best ingredients are used to produce Hunter’s Boerewors. Our spices are imported directly from South Africa and mixed with prime cuts of Beef, Lamb or Pork trim with a max fat content of no more than 15%. Some varieties of our Boerewors contain 3% Pin Head Rusk.  Our Boerewors is vacuumed sealed in gold bags and can be supplied fresh or frozen.

Cederberg Boerewors (Hog Casing)                                                                                                                       

Made from 100% Beef and filled into a natural Hog Casing, High notes of Coriander, black pepper and Nutmeg, nicely balanced flavours great for the whole family.

Cederberg Boerewors –  (100% Beef No Pork)                                                                            

Made from 100% Beef and filled into a Collagen Casing, High notes of Coriander, black pepper and Nutmeg, nicely balanced flavours great for the whole family.

IMPORTANT: As these are in collagen skins they cannot be cooked as normal on an open flame (braai) as the skin will split.  They can be cooked gently in a pan or under the grill.

Chakalaka Boerewors 500g                                                                                                                              

Spicy Boerewors with high notes of Bell peppers and Chilli, filled into a natural Hog Casing.

Cheese Boerewors 500g

Great tasting boerewors for the whole family, no less than 10% Cheddar cheese is used to in the production this Boerewors. This product is filled into a natural Hog Casing

Garlic Boerewors 500g

85% Beef / 15% Pork, mild garlic taste no too over powering, filled into a natural Hog Casing

Homestyle / Farmstyle Boerewors 500g

Made from 85% Beef and 15% Pork, great tasting Boerewors that is mild in flavour. Best described as a classic Boerewors much the same as you would buy in the Spars and Pick’n Pays in South Africa. Filled into a natural Hog Casing

Peri-Peri Boerewors 500g
80% Beef / 20% Pork, we have turned the heat down slightly but you still have a mouth watering, taste sensation, a Boerewors that is bound to tantalise your taste buds! Mild in heat but soooo tasty!

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