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Boerewors (500g) packs


Available in 500g packs.
Cederberg, Chakalaka, Cheese, Garlic,
Homestyle / Farmstyle, Peri-Peri and

Safari Portioned Boerewors ; 160g pieces £1.50 Each please call to place order.





Hunters Boerewors: Only the best ingredients are used to produce Hunter’s Boerewors. Our spices are imported directly from South Africa and mixed with prime cuts of Beef, Lamb or Pork trim with a max fat content of no more than 15%. Some varieties of our Boerewors contain 3% Pin Head Rusk.  Our Boerewors is vacuumed sealed in gold bags and can be supplied fresh or frozen.

Cederberg Boerewors 500                                                                                                                        

Made from 100% Beef and filled into a natural Hog Casing, High notes of Coriander, black pepper and Nutmeg, nicely balanced flavours great for the whole family.

Cederberg Boerewors 500g (100% Beef No Pork)                                                                            

Made from 100% Beef and filled into a Cologne Casing, High notes of Coriander, black pepper and Nutmeg, nicely balanced flavours great for the whole family.
Chakalaka Boerewors 500g                                                                                                                              

Spicy Boerewors with high notes of Bell peppers and Chilli, filled into a natural Hog Casing.

Cheese Boerewors 500g

Great tasting boerewors for the whole family, no less than 10% Cheddar cheese is used to in the production this Boerewors. This product is filled into a natural Hog Casing

Garlic Boerewors 500g

85% Beef / 15% Pork, mild garlic taste no too over powering, filled into a natural Hog Casing

Homestyle / Farmstyle Boerewors 500g

Made from 85% Beef and 15% Pork, great tasting Boerewors that is mild in flavour. Best described as a classic Boerewors much the same as you would buy in the Spars and Pick’n Pays in South Africa. Filled into a natural Hog Casing

Peri-Peri Boerewors 500g
80% Beef / 20% Pork, we have turned the heat down slightly but you still have a mouth watering, taste sensation, a Boerewors that is bound to tantalise your taste buds! Mild in heat but soooo tasty!

Safari Portioned Boerewors 2Kg (Catering Packs, 160g perfect portions)

Telephone to Pre-Order Item. 020 85918221
Catering Pack contains  160g x 10 pieces of Boerewors. Great for events when you need to cater for a set amount of friends/Customers. Perfectly flavoured Boerewors that will satisfy all palates!

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